Energy Expert: Gas Tariff Increase Is Inevitable

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Moldovagaz has accumulated 783 million lei of negative tariff deviations on the natural gas purchase price. The company has sent a request to the National Energy Regulatory Agency to increase the gas tariff by 45%. Energy experts believe that Ceban’s demand is reasonable. But the reaction of ordinary citizens is negative. People say they can no longer cope with rising prices, reports The ANRE representatives said that the request of Moldovagaz is being considered and, according to the law, a decision can be made within 180 days. Meanwhile, energy experts say the price increase is inevitable. “In July, the price is $980, and the tariff is calculated from a cost of $697. You understand that now Moldovagaz has to fill the difference somehow. As a result, Moldovagaz will have accumulated debts to Gazprom and accumulated penalties on debts that we will have to pay as well. So, obviously, the tariff must be adjusted,” said energy expert Sergiu Tofilat. Citizens were shocked by the news of another possible tariff increase. “It’s just unbearable, there are no savings left. We should first make indexation of pensions and salaries or allocate allowances to the poor, and then raise prices. Otherwise, I think we will fall into poverty,” citizens are indignant. Gas price dynamics for the past year (VAT included): January-October 2021: 4.30 lei November 1, 2021: 11.08 lei. January 1, 2022: 15.18 lei June 1, 2022: 18.62 lei Point