Lavrov: Russia Has Never Refused to Negotiate

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Western partners have forbidden Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow on the basis of the “Istanbul proposals”, the Russian Foreign Minister says. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Moscow has never refused from the negotiation process with Kyiv. The Russian foreign minister said this at a July 26 press conference in Uganda, Interfax reported. “We have never refused to negotiate because everyone knows very well: any hostilities end at the negotiating table,” Lavrov stressed. He also claimed that “the US, Britain and a number of European countries have forbidden Ukrainians to negotiate” with Russia on the basis of the proposals discussed in Istanbul. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian authorities “of unwillingness to implement the Istanbul agreements,” for implementation of which “Russian troops withdrew from Kyiv.” Recall that negotiations on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine began on February 27. The parties held several rounds in person and several via video link. In early May, the process was suspended. Корреспондент