Demand for Firewood Exceeds Moldsilva’s Stocks

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The demand for firewood among the population has increased in conditions of energy crisis, and this despite the fact that the price is 10 percent higher than last year. The harvesting of firewood is going on at full speed in the forestry farms. To date, more than 24 thousand meters of timber has been harvested, but the work continues. At the same time, the firewood is instantly dispersed as soon as it arrives in the area. For example, in the forestry farms in Balti, Telenesti, Cahul and Comrat, firewood is dispersed immediately. People are preparing for a harsh winter, reports “At this stage, we have more requests than we can offer and put on the market. The demands are high during the energy crisis,” say experts. This year the price of wood is 10% higher than last year. The head of Moldsilva forestry department assured that there will be no new price increases. Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu said that the authorities will make every effort to ensure that intermediaries would not raise the price of wood artificially. In this regard, the Ministry of Environment and Moldsilva are developing a plan for the provision of wood, which will be published next week. People with special needs, low-income families, pensioners and budget institutions will be able to buy firewood at the state price. Point