China Announces Measures Against the United States

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Beijing stops dialogue with Washington at the level of regional military commands and cancels working meetings with Pentagon representatives. China suspends cooperation with the US in a number of areas due to the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives to Taiwan. This was reported by China’s Foreign Ministry on August 5. Thus, communication between representatives of the Defense Ministries of the two countries, talks on coordination of defense policy of China and the United States, meetings on maritime security are suspended. Negotiations on climate change, cooperation in combating drugs and transnational crime, legal assistance in criminal cases, and the repatriation of illegal immigrants are suspended as well. Earlier, Beijing announced sanctions against Pelosi and her immediate family. As a reminder, the US House Speaker’s trip to Taiwan caused a negative reaction from China, which considers the island its territory. In turn, Beijing imposed restrictions on trade with Taipei and began military maneuvers and missile launches in the region. Корреспондент