Biden Believes China Will Not Dare to Attack Taiwan – Reuters

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The US leader doubts that the Chinese army’s current drills will end with Beijing deciding to go to war with Taipei. China’s army military exercises off the coast of Taiwan will not cause further military escalation in the region. US President Joseph Biden said this, Reuters reported on Tuesday, August 9. “I am concerned they (China - ed.) are moving as much as they are, but I don’t think they are going to do anything more than they are,” the US leader said. China’s military exercises around Taiwan have not changed the Pentagon’s assessment that China will not attempt to retake Taiwan militarily over the next two years, Politico reported, citing comments from officials at the US Defense Department. The assessment has not been altered by the fact that Beijing launched military exercises around the island the day before, during which the PLA fired at least 12 missiles and at least one of them flew directly over Taiwan, the publication notes. The media adds that the Pentagon’s comments that China will not soon launch a military operation in Taiwan reflect an attempt by the Biden administration to downplay the significance of Chinese military exercises around the island. Recall that Beijing continues to press Taiwan following a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Chinese military announced new drills near Taiwan on August 8. Earlier, on August 7, the PLA said it conducted exercises around Taiwan that focused on testing long-range ground and air strikes capacities. Корреспондент