Gavrilita Briefs on the Cabinet’s First Year Progress: Government Has Been with the People

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita outlined the successes of the government she leads a year after it was sworn in. Increase in salaries and pensions, increase in social benefits, cleaning up the judicial system, putting state-owned enterprises in order. These are just a few of the successes mentioned by Natalia Gavrilita, who stressed that “the government remains with the people.” “Dear citizens, the Government is completing a year of its work. It has been a difficult time with numerous challenges and dangers. There is an unjust war in the region, which is causing suffering and great damage. Energy prices have skyrocketed all over the world. Throughout this difficult period, we have been with the people, increasing pensions, social benefits, raising the minimum wage, basic salaries in the public sector, offering gas and heat reimbursement. We increased aid for the cold period of the year and gave it to more people, up to 230 thousand families. We unblocked foreign aid and made serious diplomatic efforts to gain EU candidate status. We have supported the business. We significantly increased the agricultural subsidy fund and compensated farmers for the excise tax on diesel, offered companies subsidies on gas consumption, achieved liberalisation of road transport in the EU and increased export quotas for our products to the EU. We increased the throughput of goods across the border during the logistical crisis caused by the blockade of Ukrainian ports. We were close to communities. We have launched the European Village programme, under which 492 Moldovan villages will receive two billion lei for development projects,” Gavrilita said. Alongside the progress in the socio-economic field, the premier also highlighted successes in the justice sector. “We have started cleaning up the judiciary, changed the law so that criminals can be tried in their absence and carried out a large-scale confiscation of assets,” she added. Gavrilita says all this is “not praise, and all her statements are easy to verify. She said despite the crises, the government has managed to protect the country from evil, be with the people and be decisive in fighting corruption and scams. “Despite numerous external and internal challenges, we have managed to maintain internal peace and stability through a responsible and calm approach. A difficult period is ahead for the entire world, and especially for our region. The bombs and missiles that destroy lives, businesses and infrastructure in our neighbouring country on a daily basis will continue to affect us. With the global energy crisis, we need to be prepared for any scenario. It is very important in this context not to allow ourselves to be manipulated by those who wish us harm, those who want to bring war to our home and seek to foment discord among people. We will overcome these crises with dignity. Calm, rational, responsible and supportive of each other,” the prime minister said. Point