Spinu Releases a Video Message to Announce Ambitious Plans

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Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu has big plans for the next period. In a video message posted on his Facebook page, Spinu revealed projects for the country in the field of energy, roads, road, air and rail transport, as well as construction and urban development, which he and his team will deal with, deschide.md reports. "In the field of energy, I want our country to be as independent as possible. That means producing more energy and diversifying our sources of procurement. We will create the National Energy Fund and the Casa Verde program, which will finance projects to insulate buildings and houses, because this is how we will reduce household bills. We will invest in renewable energy sources," Minister Spinu said. He also talked about road rehabilitation, modernization and expansion, for which additional external funding will be raised. "In the fall, we will adopt an ambitious road rehabilitation program for the coming years. We will attract half a billion euros to repair national roads. I will come soon with good news about the rehabilitation of the Soroca Arionesti section," the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development said. In his video message to citizens, Spinu also mentioned the "European Village" national program, noting that 492 projects in Moldovan settlements will begin in the fall. Another area that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development will focus on is road, air and rail transport. "As for the automobile transport, a serious reanimation is needed in this field, a mobility strategy should be worked out. As part of the program "Modern Transport", launched earlier this year, we continue to improve the transport code, so that carriers provide quality services to citizens. We will work to renew the bus fleet in the next period. The railroad has been revived and we have big plans. From September the Basarabeasca-Berezino section will start working, and freight cars will start running. We propose to restore the Iasi-Chisinau railway line, with a European gauge. In aviation, we are working to attract more airlines to operate flights to and from our country. The solution is to rehabilitate the airport in Marculesti, which has a big enough potential to achieve this goal," Spinu assured. Spinu declared his intention to change things in both construction and urban planning. "Our cities should be better planned, should breathe and have more recreational facilities. We are working to enact the Urban Planning Code as soon as possible and want to update the national land management plan. We will establish a rule in the Technical Supervision Agency to prevent illegal constructions and for cities to be greener," Spinu concluded. The minister concluded by saying that he is aware that these projects will take a long time to implement, and thanked citizens for their patience and support. Point