Moldovagaz Asks Gazprom to Postpone Payments for the Consumed Gas

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Moldovagaz director Vadim Ceban told that he had recently received many appeals from the mass media and energy experts regarding the current situation in the sector. Ceban explained that those appeals were related to the reasons behind the recent request to update the natural gas tariff due to a sharp increase in purchase prices. “Moldovagaz JSC’s appeal to the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) was made in accordance with national regulations, it is justified as is based on figures and calculations. The tariff requested by Moldovagaz has no hidden elements and strictly covers the regulated costs. Nothing else,” Ceban explained. He noted that “the energy sector is vital for the social and economic life of the country, and each of its elements must approach its mission responsibly,” and added that Moldovagaz cannot meet its contractual obligations in the current situation. “The Moldovagaz team carries out this mission on a daily basis with responsibility and commitment, expecting a similar attitude from the regulator as well. The ANRE-approved tariffs must ensure the efficient functionality and financial viability of the supplier, and this is what the regulations under which the agency operates provide for. Unfortunately, the ANRE decisions of August 4, 2022, do not allow Moldovagaz to meet its contractual commitments and have a direct and negative impact on the financial viability and efficient operation of the company, jeopardizing the uninterrupted supply of natural gas,” Ceban said. The Moldovagaz head stressed that in January-July 2022 the tariff deviations amounted to 954 million lei. “Moreover, the deviations will reach about 409 million lei in August and about 623 million lei in September. These deviations of about 2 billion lei should inevitably be included in the gas tariff for final consumers. The delayed contractual payments also lead to an increase of the debt to the supplier, which is already very high, and this fact has a negative impact on the relations between the gas supplier and Moldovagaz. The company’s team is constantly making efforts to demonstrate that it is a respectable and predictable partner, and this credibility is an important element in the negotiation process with all suppliers in order to obtain the most favorable conditions for Moldovan consumers,” Ceban wrote. He added that under these circumstances, Moldovagaz is forced to once again ask for government support in the form of direct state aid or payment of Termoelectrica historical debts to cover the cash gap to be formed in August-September this year in order to fully cover the cost of natural gas imported from the main supplier”. Ceban also said Moldovagaz has asked Gazprom PJSC to postpone until the end of the 4th quarter the deadline for advance payments for this August and September”. Point