Sandu about the Government: I Would Hold Personnel Reshuffles

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Some ministers in the current government should be more in touch with citizens. This opinion was expressed by Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova. The head of state assessed the government’s performance as “good”, noting at the end that if she were prime minister she would make some changes, reports, citing an interview with “I think the government’s performance in these difficult conditions can be assessed as good. It’s true that there are areas where progress has been faster, despite the small, low capacities of the ministries. There are also ministries that have moved slowly. I think it’s necessary to move faster. I believe that there are ministers that have succeeded in communicating with people and there are ministers that have not been in contact with people, economic agents or stakeholders related to their field of activity. I was a minister, too. I did not immediately realise how important it is to meet people and communicate. I expect that some ministers will interact with citizens much better than before,” the head of state said. “It is the prime minister’s responsibility. It is her team, her responsibility. When a reshuffle has to be made, she announces it. I would make some reshuffles if I were prime minister,” Maia Sandu added. Point