Parliamentary Majority Adopted Amendments to the State Budget in the First Reading

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On August 26, the Parliament passed in the first reading the amendments to the budget for this year. Revenues will increase by 5.2 billion lei from 52.7 billion lei to 57.9 billion lei and expenses will increase by 3.1 billion lei from 72.1 billion lei to 75.2 billion lei. At the same time, the budget deficit will be reduced from 19.3 billion lei to 17.2 billion lei, reports According to the amendments to the state budget, the budget deficit should be covered from both external and internal sources. The increase of revenues from taxes and fees is estimated at about 7.4% (3.534 billion lei), revenues from grants at about 53% (1.299 billion lei), and revenues from other revenues at about 19.3%. The most significant increase in expenditures is registered in the group “social protection” (+1.758 billion lei). These are funds for lump-sum assistance to beneficiaries of all types of pensions/social benefits and increases in allowances as assistance during the cold period. The increase in expenses is also envisaged for the Public Services of General Purpose group (by 996.7 million lei). Funds will be used to manage the energy crisis, as well as the crisis with refugees from Ukraine and to include allowances for lump-sum payments to support some employees of budgetary bodies/institutions. At the same time, there will be an increase in funds allocated to the Road Fund and small and medium business support projects. The volume of allocations for capital investments will increase by 419.7 million lei or by 15.2%. In order to ensure the continuity of the construction/reconstruction works, the government also increased the allocations for some projects: the Support for Program in the Road Sector project – 682.6 million lei, the Rehabilitating local roads project – 95.0 million lei, the construction of the emergency branch of the Emergency Medical Services Institute – 6 million lei and others. The draft law was submitted to the plenary session by Finance Minister Dumitru Budianschi. Recall that the opposition boycotted today’s plenary session and did not appear in the plenary hall. Point