Sandu On Energy Prices: The State Will Not Be Able to Compensate All Increases

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Moldova continues to observe all kinds of statements by Moscow in recent months, which are not always appropriate and sometimes ignore our country’s sovereignty. President Maia Sandu said this during a video interview at the Strategic Forum held in the Slovenian city of Bled, reported “We are in a difficult situation since we are in a region close to war. Propaganda has been Moldova’s big problem for a very long time. There are people who still do not understand the reality, although the war is changing the situation. We are also highly dependent on energy. Moldova has certainly learned its lesson, and we are trying to work on diversifying sources, but it is not easy to do it quickly. Especially in such a market, with such high prices,” the head of state said. According to the President, the initiated projects will yield results only in a few years, but for now “everything is extremely complicated and makes Moldova vulnerable”. Maia Sandu said that “pro-Russian political forces the use energy situation to destabilize the country”. “We were pleased with the EU’s announcement of the platform created for the collective purchase of natural gas, but it still needs to be launched. And there is the price issue, as today Moldova pays ten times more than it did a year and a half ago. Imagine the impact on the population, since Moldova is a poor country, and energy consumption makes up a large part of the population’s budget. This price increase has dramatic consequences, and no matter how much the state wants to support the population, it will not be able to compensate all these increases,” Maia Sandu said. The head of state also said that countries must decide how they will act so that the “energy war” does not damage democracy. “It is extremely important for us to maintain peace in Moldova and ensure that we can provide a certain degree of energy security for citizens, because this will help maintain the country’s stability, which is important for us, as well as for our neighbors Ukraine and Romania,” the president said. Point