Vadim Ceban: “Everything Depends on Gazprom’s Goodwill”.

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If we have undertaken certain obligations to Gazprom, we have to comply with them, and the rest depends on Gazprom’s goodwill. This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban, during the “TEMA with Lyudmila Belchenkova” TV show, reports. “We need to act consistently and fulfill our obligations. If we have undertaken a commitment to pay by the 20th of each month – we must pay. If we have undertaken other commitments under the Protocol – we must fulfill them. For objective reasons, we failed. But the very fact that there is already a company that performs the audit shows that the government fulfills this part of its obligations. It does, even with some delays, but there is an auditing company, and we can talk. Here everything depends on Gazprom’s goodwill, on its right to use the conditions stipulated in the contract,” Ceban said, commenting on Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita’s recent statement that “Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu has asked the Russian gas concern to renegotiate the contract and the gas price”. It is worth mentioning that Vadim Ceban is scheduled to travel to Russia this week for the International Gas Forum. The Chairman of the Board of Moldovagaz expressed the hope that he would be able to discuss with Gazprom head Alexei Miller “a wide range of issues relating to our cooperation”.