Grosu: Gavrilita Works Hard and Enjoys Our Full Political Support

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Igor Grosu, chair of the ruling party, rejects the idea circulating in public space about the investiture of the government led by the current presidential advisor, Dorin Recean. The chairman of the Parliament notes there is the executive power in the Republic of Moldova, headed by Natalia Gavrilita, which enjoys full support of the Action and Solidarity Party. Igor Grosu admits the scenario of new personnel reshuffles in the current government team, stressing there are ministers who find it more difficult to handle the numerous crises facing Moldova, reports. As the parliament speaker said, the government team is made up of professional and honest people, but some of them find it more difficult to cope with the pressure resulting from the crisis that has struck the Republic of Moldova. Igor Grosu says if governmental reshuffles do take place, they will be political, and once the final decision is made, they will be announced. “Every member of the Government must understand that the time for reshuffles may come. This is a lesson I learned when I was in government. Nothing lasts forever – neither former ministers nor current ones actively working under extreme conditions. To manage overlapping crises while trying to implement reforms is not an easy task. The pressure on the government members is enormous. Some people are more suited to work in crisis situations, as they can mobilize, but there are people who are good in calm situations, when there is no turbulence. We appreciate those who work, we are not in a situation when we can squander people. We thank them, and I am sure that sooner or later they will have a chance to succeed in activities for the benefit of the Republic of Moldova. There is always room for improvement. If a decision is made, it will be political and will be disclosed in due course. We regularly evaluate the performance of ministers or heads of departments, and when the decision is adopted, it is made public,” Igor Grosu said in an interview on Public Radio. The PAS Chairman considers as rumors the information that appeared in the public space that the former Minister of Internal Affairs Dorin Recean would allegedly head the government. Igor Grosu assures that Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita enjoys full support of the parliamentary majority. “Our people are good at making predictions and scenarios. We have a government. Ms. Gavrilita is working hard, she has our political support and we will continue to support her,” the chairman of the Parliament said. Last week, environmental minister Iuliana Cantaragiu submitted her resignation, and a few hours later Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita notified that the personnel reshuffle in the government would continue. According to the prime minister, there will be changes in the cabinet by the end of September so that we can enter the winter period with a renewed government.