Stoianoglo to Stand Trial on Three Charges

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Suspended Prosecutor General Alexander Stoianoglo, charged with three counts, will appear before the judges again. The prosecutor’s office announced the end of the criminal investigation into Alexander Stoianoglo, reports The suspended Prosecutor General is accused of committing the following crimes: – abuse of office committed in the interest of a criminal organization, expressed in the release from custody of the convicted Veaceslav Platon and unlawful dismissal of charges, which resulted in damage to the national public budget in the amount of 869 million lei; – passive corruption, manifested by receiving and accepting goods and benefits not due to him in various forms from Veaceslav Platon, amounting to 63 thousand lei; – forgery in declarations, characterised by deliberate failure to indicate in the declaration of assets and personal interests the fact that his wife was one of the owners of a company registered in Ukraine as of 01.05.2021. At the same time, the General Prosecutor’s Office informs that criminal investigation was also completed in relation to two prosecutors of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases who were accused of acting jointly and in collusion with the suspended Prosecutor General on the fact of releasing Veaceslav Platon and illegally dropping charges. Once the defense side knows the materials of the case, it will be sent to court for consideration on the merits.