ANRE Announces Investigation in the Electricity Market

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Premier Energy, the largest electricity supplier in Moldova, filed a complaint to ANRE about possible speculation on the market. The National Energy Regulatory Agency received a notification from Premier Energy Distribution*, in which the distribution system operator reports the discovery of speculative practices on the part of certain wholesale electricity market participants, leading to unjustifiable profits in June 2022. In turn, Moldelectrica transmission system operator confirmed that “some market participants intentionally indicate lower relevant values in physical notices in order to obtain unjustifiable profits.” What this means and which market participants are referred to is not explained in the ANRE release. Under the provisions of Energy Law No. 174/2017 and Electricity Law No. 107/2016, ANRE announces the launch of an investigation in the electricity market in order to identify the circumstances that led to the disruption of the electricity market. ANRE press release informs that the results of the investigation will be made public and will be reflected in the Agency’s decision, which will specify the circumstances identified and the measures imposed. The following activities are carried out and regulated in the electricity sector: (a) Electricity generation (CHP); (b) Electricity transmission (Moldelectrica); (c) Electricity distribution (Premier Energy Distribution and RED-Nord); (d) Electricity supply (Premier Energy and FEE-Nord). Recall that the last change in electricity tariffs took place in June. As of the 1st of June, Premier Energy consumers (in the center and in the south of the country) were charged 2.64 lei per KWh. FEE-Nord consumers in the north of the country – 2.86 lei per KWh. * The foreign capital company Premier Energy Distribution JSC is the largest private operator of Moldova’s national electricity distribution system. The company serves about 70% of the country, 21 of all 37 districts and Chisinau municipality, distributing electricity to more than 930,000 consumers in the center and south of the country. Nokta