Parlicov: Something Is Coming – Gazprom Has Not Reserved Gas Transportation Capacity

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As of October 1, the Russian concern Gazprom will either completely stop supplying us with natural gas or reduce its volumes. This is what Victor Parlicov, an energy expert, says. According to him, the transition to the winter formula, which is beneficial for Moldova, may cause Russia to close the gas tap to the country, reports According to the expert, the good thing is that the authorities foresee this scenario and the plan to save and purchase natural gas from alternative sources is realistic. Gazprom is keeping the Republic of Moldova in suspense, refusing to say clearly whether it will supply gas after October 1. “According to some reports, Russia is planning to reduce supplies to Moldova,” the expert said. “Indirect signs indicate that something will happen on October 1, either the contract will be terminated and there will be no gas at all, or the supply volumes will be limited. Something is looming. Gazprom has not reserved capacity to transport the necessary natural gas to Ukraine for October. Accordingly, for the month of October, only the previously reserved volume of 5.7 million cubic meters per day remains, which is likely not to cover Moldova's needs in full," Victor Parlicov said in the "Tema" program on the First in Moldova TV channel. According to the contract signed with Gazprom in October 2021, the price calculation formula is 70/30 during the cold period of the year. That is, 70% of the price will be based on the cost of oil products and 30% on the market price of natural gas. Victor Parlicov said that the new formula could lead to Russia cutting off our gas, because so far Moldova has been paying a price almost similar to the price on the international market. “As of May 1, Gazprom already had the legal right to terminate this contract completely. Although from May Gazprom had the right to terminate supplies completely, this has not been done, and this is because the difference between the spot price and our contract price has not been significant. Now the formula for the cold season comes into force, and the difference between the spot price and the price at which Gazprom undertakes to supply us with gas will be quite large. Starting from October, we should have a price below $1,000. This could be one of the reasons for the suspension of gas supply. The action plan proposed by the government is realistic. Already in a relatively cold September, gas consumption decreased by 28% compared to September of last year. There is no better motivation for saving than high prices,” added the energy expert. Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu said on Thursday that Moldova should pay around $1,050 per thousand cubic meters from October 1, compared to the current $1,880. In connection with the potential termination of the natural gas supply, Andrei Spinu said that the authorities are buying fuel oil for, increasing gas reserves, taking measures to reduce consumption, and Energocom is ready to buy gas on the international market. Point