Spinu: Moldova Wants a Long-Term Gas Supply Contract with Romania

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The Minister of Infrastructure believes that such an agreement will be a lifeline for many years. According to Spinu, the ball is on the side of the Bucharest government, and the Moldovan authorities are waiting for an answer and are ready to move forward, reports realitatea.md, referring to RFI. The deputy prime minister does not know why the decision in Bucharest on Chisinau’s gas bid is being delayed. “Perhaps there are certain problems with the provision of gas in Romania as well. But we believe that Moldova needs less than 5 percent of what Romania produces. It would be a lifesaver for our country for many years to come. We will be interested in any volume this winter. Even 150 million cubic meters of gas for the whole winter, not necessarily a month or just 2 million a day, or 1 million a day. We are looking for any alternative,” Spinu said in an interview with the Romanian media. Recall that Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă recently said that Romania could give Moldova a maximum of five million cubic meters of gas per day. “Mr. Ciucă spoke about the technical possibilities of delivering gas through the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline. 5 million cubic meters per day from Romania would be more than enough for our country. The 5.7 million that Gazprom is now offering is for both banks of the Dniester, including for the production of electricity,” Spinu commented. Point