Sor: Criminal Cases Are Created for All Political Forces of Influence

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Head of the Sor party Ilan Sor believes that other opposition forces do not join the protests, organized by him, because “criminal cases are filed against all the opposition”. “Today, there are criminal cases against absolutely all political forces with at least some power. I think that all opposition and all deputies are criminally prosecuted – either for illicit enrichment, which is a common practice today, or for something else. Of course, people are afraid. People have families, parents and children. People are not ready to go through the difficult moments,” said Ilan Sor during the TEMA with Lyudmila Belchenkova program, reports The politician noted that there had been a serious and thorough discussion within the party before deciding to fight politically, and it was decided to fight to the end. “We have decided for ourselves that, despite the risks we face today, we are going to fight and will fight to the end. And this is our firm and confident stand,” stressed Sor, adding that all his party members share this stand. At the same time, the politician noted that he talked about the protests with all the opposition leaders. “I talk to everyone, but I speak openly. And I have repeatedly urged everyone openly, but I will not beg anyone – this is not a kindergarten, this is a serious, adult and balanced decision that each political leader takes for himself,” added Ilan Sor, noting that in response to his suggestions, the leaders of other opposition forces said they would call back and that they were there. At the moment the news is being published, the press services of the Prosecutor’s Office or the PAS have not commented on Ilan Sor’s statements in any way. Point