ANRE to Urgently Adjust the Electricity Tariff

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In the context of the energy crisis in Moldova and according to official statements made by officials in the field, the power purchase contract with the producer Moldovan GRES has not been signed for November. Under such circumstances, Energocom, the institution entrusted with the obligation to purchase electric energy for state needs, will have to cover this deficit by means of purchases on Romanian stock exchanges, the price of electric energy purchased being at the level of the European market. Taking into account the current circumstances and objective factors, ANRE will urgently examine the requests of operators and adjust the regulated prices of electricity supplied to final consumers in accordance with the new purchase prices and the provisions of tariff methodology. An extraordinary public meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for 5 p.m. tomorrow, Nov. 2, 2022. ANRE reiterates its call for rational energy consumption to reduce the impact on both the electric system and household bills. Point