Litvinenco to Ask the Constitutional Court to Declare the Sor Party Unlawful

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Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco believes that there are enough legal grounds to declare the Sor party unconstitutional. Litvinenco emphasizes that according to Article 41 paragraph (4) of the Constitution, parties that by their objectives or activities oppose political pluralism, the principles of the rule of law, sovereignty and independence, and the territorial integrity of Moldova are unconstitutional. “Throughout its activity, the Sor party has acted contrary to the principles of the rule of law. The illegal funding of this party has been confirmed by the final decisions of the courts. Because of illegal funding, candidates from this party were excluded from the electoral race. It should be noted that detection of illegal financing occurred constantly, practically at every election, regardless of who was in power in the country. Moreover, it is known that the law enforcement authorities are investigating through the prism of criminal legislation several cases concerning the financing of this formation. Moreover, the conclusions of the US authorities, as well as the materials that have reached the public space, prove that this party promotes the interests of a foreign state, and thus acts against the sovereignty and independence of the country. In this connection, we have prepared an appeal to the Constitutional Court, through which we will demand that the Sor Party be declared unconstitutional. The notification will be sent to the government, and I hope that it will be approved at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting. In formulating the appeal, the jurisprudence of the ECtHR and the standards of the Venice Commission were taken into account. And this is really the last measure, because they continue to violate the law and there are no circumstances that would indicate that they would like to return to the path of legality,” – Litvinenco wrote.