Chicu: Population’s Real Income Will Decline in the Years to Come

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu believes that Moldova “is going through difficult times after the first two years of Maia Sandu’s mandate.” At the same time, he suggests “looking at what ‘good times’ PAS is preparing in its last years.” Chicu published a screenshot of the document, which is an excerpt from the main medium-term fiscal planning document, CBTM 2023-2025, approved some time ago by the government. “You can see that between 2023 and 2025, national public budget revenues will have a cumulative growth of “exactly” 14.9%. And that’s in the face of double-digit inflation in every year of the reporting period. Judging by the rates at which the Ministry of Finance places 2-year and 3-year government bonds – that would be about 15% inflation in each of the next 3 years. What does this mean in “human” language? That during the last years of governance of Maia Sandu and her illiterate and corrupt clique, the real budget revenues will continue to fall, or a nominal growth of 14.9% over the entire period, compared to inflation at least 2-2.5 times higher, means lower revenues. Even more “humanly speaking”, this means that in addition to effectively reducing wages and pensions by about 20-25% in 2022, the PAS foresees a reduction in personal income to the same extent in the future. With such an “optimistic” projection, the question arises – what is the government going to do? The answer is also in the attached image – it is underlined in red. “No new fiscal policy measures” – that is, the PAS does not know what to offer in this situation and will let things slide. About where the “billions from corrupt schemes” are and why we don’t see them in the budget, let’s not talk anymore, it’s all “the war’s fault anyway,” Chicu wrote.