Sor: the Party Is Getting Shut Down in Order to Get a Majority in Parliament and Join NATO

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Sor noted that “the fight against Moldova’s sovereignty and serving the interests of another state are theses which are used by the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) itself, not by us.” This was the reaction of Ilan Sor, chairman of the PAS, to the demand of Justice Minister Sergei Litvinenco to outlaw the party, reports with reference to According to him, Maia Sandu and her regime have decided to deal the final blow to democracy in the Republic of Moldova and to take the final step towards usurpation of power in the state. “You may ask, why are they doing this? Of course, they have a desire to defeat their main enemy today, the Sor party. The second reason is very unambiguous, it is clear – they need the mandates of our formation to get a constitutional majority, to change the Basic Law and remove the status of neutrality, to apply for accession to NATO and bring war to the Moldovan land. And turn Moldova into the second Ukraine,” explained the politician. He noted that although the government’s intentions should be criticized by development partners, this will not happen. “Naturally, as a normal party leader I have to say that I am waiting for the reaction of embassies, international organizations, which should express their point of view, but no, guys, I do not expect it, because it will not happen. This is the main embassy’s response today to us, as in their eyes, the naughty boys. After all, I said that the chief ambassador feels like a teacher in a kindergarten, not a guest at a parent-teacher meeting, and this is a big problem in Moldova today,” said Sor. As the leader of the opposition said, it is the representatives of the government that deserve to be outlawed. “It was the PAS that seized justice, it was the PAS that appointed its cousins, cousins, relatives, uncles, aunts, brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters, etc. to all positions of responsibility, thereby usurping and corrupting power in Moldova. It is the PAS that today serves foreign interests and not the interests of its citizens. It is the PAS that encroaches on the sovereignty of Moldova. This is an unprecedented step in the history of our country’s politics,” he stressed. The leader of the opposition party stated that he is not afraid of the PAS decision because the good will always defeat the evil in the history. Ilan Sor also addressed the members of the party he leads. “Dear colleagues, we have not been broken once in the last three years, and they have tried to do it more than once. Today, the party, which has driven people to poverty, almost to hunger and cold, wants to reprisal us through its political repression. All these three years the members of the Shor party, the leadership of the formation showed fist, strength and character. All these three years we have been proving that we are not some scum to be wiped off our feet. All these three years we have fought back hard against the scoundrels and criminals. And this time we will. We will not be broken by your desire to usurp the state, to bring it to its knees, and to frighten everyone. We are strong and we will endure. I call on all supporters of the Sor Party, all members of the formation, all my colleagues and friends to stand up, join hands and fight. Let it be the last battle, but it will be a victorious one. Not for us, not for the Sor party, but for the people of Moldova. Dear friends, know that today we are going to liberate the country from the invaders,” summed up Ilan Sor.