Bloomberg: Gas and Energy Supply Disruptions Will Cost Moldova More Than €1 Billion

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Disruptions of gas and energy supply will cost Moldova more than €1 billion this winter. So, additional expenses for payment of energy resources will amount to about 8% of Moldova’s GDP, Bloomberg reports. According to the document, which is cited by the publication, Moldova will need about € 450 million in foreign aid to cover the budget deficit, to compensate bills to consumers and support the country during the heating season, said. In addition to the consequences of the war in Ukraine, Moldova is facing a sevenfold increase in gas prices, a doubling of energy costs and an inflation rate exceeding 34 percent. According to Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu, this situation was deliberately planned by Russia to “weaken Moldova’s energy security and, with it, the entire functioning of the country’s economy and political system.” However, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova refuted accusations that Russia was using energy as a weapon, saying that Gazprom’s behavior was purely commercial and that the company had provided Moldova with preferential terms. She accused the Chisinau government of trying to distract citizens from the country’s economic problems. Popescu is sure that if Russia achieves its goals, it could cause Moldovan citizens (one million of whom have European passports) to join the wave of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the cold this winter. In addition, he said, it could destabilize tensions in Moldova’s relations with Transdniestria.   Point