Sandu: Up to 65% of Moldovans’ Income Will Be Spent on Energy Bills This Winter

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Ahead of the meeting of the Moldova Support Platform conference in Paris, President Maia Sandu gave an interview to Politico. The head of state said that with the devastating price of war in a neighboring country, our vulnerabilities can weaken Ukraine’s resilience, as well as stability of the rest of the continent, reports. “Over the past year, we have built stronger institutions, fought corruption, and supported a post-pandemic recovery. As a result, our economy grew 14% in 2021; we rose to 49th place in Reporters Without Borders’ press freedom ranking; and our anti-money laundering ranking was improved by the Council of Europe. In recognition of our challenging reforms in a complex geopolitical context, the EU granted Moldova candidate status in June. But instead of enjoying the benefits of deeper European integration, Moldovans are now struggling to manage an acute energy crisis, a serious economic crisis and massive security threats,” Sandu said. French President Emmanuel Macron is hosting a forum of the Moldova Support Platform, an initiative led by France, Germany and Romania. According to the presidency, the forum is designed to mobilize much-needed support in the face of a tough winter. “Moldova is seeking to finance the purchase of gas and electricity from new sources and to support social schemes for the most vulnerable, which will help mitigate price increases. Over the past 12 months, the price of gas in our country has risen sevenfold, and the price of electricity increased fourfold. Moldovans will probably spend up to 65 percent of their income on energy bills this winter. If we can light and heat homes in our country and ensure that schools and hospitals can continue to function and the wheels of the economy keep turning, it will mean that Moldovans – along with Ukrainians – will not have to seek refuge in other European countries in the coming cold season. Even before winter arrives, the energy crisis and the economic ramifications of the war next door are already having a significant impact on people’s lives, the nation’s economy, and our future growth. Inflation is approaching 35 percent; prices have skyrocketed; trade routes have been disrupted; and investor sentiment has weakened. This will likely result in a shrinking economy,” Sandu added. As previously reported, Sandu left Tunisia for Paris on the same plane as Macron. The joint photos were published by Nicu Popescu, head of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry, who was also on board the plane.