Gazprom: Gas Intended for Moldova Remains in Ukraine

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Gazprom said it was recording the settling of Russian gas in Ukraine intended for Moldovan consumers under contract with Moldovagaz company. “The volume of gas that Gazprom has supplied to the Sudzha metering system for transit to Moldova through the territory of Ukraine exceeds the physical volume transmitted at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border,” Gazprom said. “On November 21, Moldovagaz paid Gazprom for part of the supplies for November in accordance with the contract. The volume of Russian gas actually supplied was 24.945 million cubic meters, in respect of which the payment was violated for current supplies in November. A total of 52.52 mcm of gas has been withheld in Ukraine”, Gazprom said. “If the transit imbalance through Ukraine for Moldovan consumers continues, Gazprom will start reducing its gas supplies to Sudzha for transit through Ukraine in the amount of daily shortfall starting from 10:00 a.m. on November 28. As of November 22, Gazprom supplies 42.9 million cubic meters of Russian gas per day to Sudzha for transit through Ukraine,” the Russian gas supplier announced. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu said that Moldova had already filled its storage facilities with almost 187 million cubic meters of gas. This amount is enough to sustain it for about one month and three weeks of winter.