New Electricity Tariffs in Force

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New electricity tariffs have been published today in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova. The Administrative Board of the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) approved previously regulated prices for electricity supplied by universal service providers and guaranteeing suppliers. The new prices apply from December 2, reports. Thus, the regulated prices of Premier Energy Ltd. for electric power, differentiated depending on the distribution points or consumption locations of final consumers, have been approved as follows: 524 bani/kWh for electricity supplied at points of entry into transmission networks; 538 bani/kWh at points of exit from transmission networks; 541 bani/kWh for end consumers whose electric installations are connected to high voltage distribution networks (35-110 kV); 555 bani/kWh for medium voltage (6-10 kV); 591 bani/kWh for low voltage (0.4 kV). The following differentiated regulated prices were approved fo r Furnizarea Energiei Electrice Nord JSC: 461 bani/kWh for electricity supplied at points of entry into the transmission grid; 475 bani/kWh – at points of exit from the transmission grid; 495 bani/kWh - to end consumers whose electrical installations are connected to medium voltage (6-10 kV) distribution power grids; 560 bani/kWh – low voltage (0.4 kV). “Taking into account the share of imported electricity in the total volume of electricity supplied by the two suppliers and the dynamics of prices, there is a smaller impact on the final supply prices of electricity by Furnizarea energiei electrice Nord JSC compared to Premier Energy LLC,” ANRE points out. One of the reasons for the need to adjust the prices of electricity supplied to consumers was the aggravation of the energy crisis in the region, caused by the war in Ukraine.