Alaiba: Moldova Cannot Survive Without Foreign Aid Now

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In the short term, Moldova cannot survive without foreign aid, but this does not mean that we intend to simply wait for the grants to come. This was stated by Economy Minister Dumitru Alaiba for Reuters, reports He also said his priorities include deregulating the economy and overhauling the “burdensome” tax system, which discourages investors and encourages corruption, resulting in lower revenues. The Economy Minister pledged to fight bureaucracy, noting that it would be crucial to stimulate an economy in which small and medium-sized businesses currently have a microscopic share and about 40 percent of economic activity is informal. “Because of so many barriers, our economy is monopolized, making it even more vulnerable, and the final price is paid by consumers,” Alaiba said. He expressed confidence that if a business-friendly platform is created, Moldova's economy could grow by dozens of percent in the coming years. At the same time, Alaiba noted that the government and the economy are suffering from instability due to the war in Ukraine, which has led to several overlapping crises.