Spinu: We Have Developed the Concept of the Energy Strategy until 2050

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Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu addressed to citizens. In his speech, he listed the authorities’ achievements in terms of providing the population with natural gas and electric energy amid the energy crisis in Moldova and the entire Europe. He assured the population that Moldova will survive this winter thanks to an agreement with the Moldovan GRES, valid until March next year, reports enews.md. “This contract enabled us to avoid blackouts and reduce the price for final consumers to 4.62 lei and the first 75 kWh to 3.3 and 3.7 lei, which is partially compensated by the state, depending on the degree of energy vulnerability,” he stressed. Spinu also said that we have natural gas and fuel oil, noting that the authorities have created strategic gas reserves in Romania and Ukraine, sufficient for domestic consumers to survive the heating season. At the same time, Energocom makes new purchases almost every day. In addition, Termoelectrica was switched to alternative fuel in order to avoid market price fluctuations and gas shortages. More than 130 thousand tons of fuel oil have already been purchased, and last week Termoelectrica received a new load, sufficient for heat generation in the next period. The Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development also assured that the country has the necessary reserves of coal and firewood for institutions and households heated by firewood. At the same time, more than 86 thousand tons of coal have been imported this year and the stock of firewood as of December 6 amounted to 44 thousand cubic meters. Spinu noted that the authorities are doing everything possible to make citizens feel less the burden of this crisis. To this end, the authorities are making plans for the future. “I want to say that we are interested not only in the current situation, but also in the medium and long term. Thus, the concept of energy strategy until 2050 has been developed, and in the coming days we will organize public consultations for its detailed discussion,” he stressed. At the same time consultations on the construction of new cogeneration plants for which the procedure of elaboration of technical specifications has been started. Two cogeneration plants with a capacity of 50 MW will be built by 2025.