Transdniestria Is Concerned by the Failure of Moldova to Appoint a JCC Co-Chairman

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The Transdniestrian delegation to the Joint Control Commission (JCC) is concerned about the fact that the Moldovan side has not yet appointed its co-chairman to replace General Ion Solonenco, who died in August. The head of the Transdniestrian delegation, Oleg Belyakov, told this to local journalists, reported. “Point 5 of the Statute of the JCC clearly stipulates that only the co-chairman in cooperation with his colleagues from the Transdniestrian, Moldovan and Russian delegations can sign the document. In the current situation with the Moldovan delegation, it is practically impossible,” he said. Belyakov described the previous day’s JCC meeting in Bender as “complicated”. “When discussing the service at the Transdniestrian law enforcement checkpoints, there were small incidents. The Moldovan side jumped up and demonstratively left the meeting room. Such impulsive behavior of our Moldovan colleagues causes some bewilderment. Because any negotiation is always difficult, and any agreement always has a heavy component. And when one side abandons the negotiation process, slams the door and leaves, it will not lead to anything good. We still need to build bridges and fight together for peace on this land,” he said. The Moldovan delegation accused the Transdniestrian colleagues of “lack of constructivism” on the discussed problems, especially concerning the withdrawal of the posts in the Security Zone, illegally installed by Tiraspol, and “sometimes inadequate behavior.” For several months now, the Moldovan delegation to the JCC has been demanding the removal of the checkpoints set up by Transdniestria in April 2022 without the agreement of the JCC.