Moldova Ended 2022 with 8.699 Billion Lei Budget Deficit

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Moldova’s 2022 state budget revenues totaled 59.216 billion lei ($3.068 billion), an increase of 9.833 billion lei year-on-year. Such data was released by the Ministry of Finance on Monday. According to the message, the absolute majority of revenues were provided by the tax and customs bodies. Thus, revenues administered by the State Fiscal Service amounted to 23.8 billion lei, an increase of 3.7 billion lei compared with 2021, and revenues administered by the Customs Service – 33.9 billion lei (+5.3 billion lei), reports. State budget expenditures exceeded 67.915 billion lei (+13.8 billion lei). Thus, the deficit amounted to 8.699 billion lei ($450.7 million), which is almost twice as much as in 2021. As for the national public budget, which also includes local budgets and social and medical insurance funds, its revenues amounted to 91.5 billion lei, and expenditures were 8.2 billion lei higher. The balances of the national public budget at the beginning of 2023 were estimated at 6.5 billion lei.