Spinu: Energy Systems of Moldova and Romania Should Be Considered as One

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Moldova and Romania will intensify their efforts in the field of energy security. OPCOM, the operator of the electricity and natural gas market in Romania, will open a representation office in our country. Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu said that the energy strategy of the government is strongly linked to Romania, deschide.md reports. The Minister, who recently returned from Bucharest, said he discussed preparations for next winter with Romanian authorities. “I had two very intense days in Bucharest, and we discussed how to prepare for next winter. I reported that the government’s energy strategy is closely linked to cooperation with Romania. Yet, we believe that the Moldovan and Romanian energy systems should not be viewed separately, but as a whole,” Andrei Spinu said. Spinu stressed that Romania and Moldova should coordinate their priorities within the energy strategy, and “the main directions of activities in the energy security field should be considered together”. In this respect, the minister noted that the Chisinau authorities intend to bring the Romanian electricity and natural gas market to Moldova. “We want OPCOM to come to Moldova. What is OPCOM? It is an electricity market. Those who produce electricity register and sell it. It is the most transparent way to buy and sell electricity. This is a tool that eliminates any doubts about transactions and allows this market to function,” Spinu explained. According to Minister Andrei Spinu, a company, supplier, distributor of electricity, if it feels that tomorrow it needs more energy, can buy through this market. Spinu reminded that Energocom is registered in Romania and buys energy on the Romanian market. During a visit to Bucharest, he said, he received confirmation from OPCOM that they are ready to be present in Moldova. “We want to bring OPCOM to Moldova in two steps, which means they will open a branch, a subsidiary in our country and all those interested in trading in the market will register on the platform in Moldova. Then the second step is when we want the market in Moldova and Romania to be unified, in other words, the consumer in Moldova can buy energy produced in Romania and vice versa if we have a surplus of electricity. Moldova will be able to buy directly from the Romanian site,” the minister said. The minister also added that the Romanian energy exchange will be present and functioning in Moldova by the middle of this year.