Ex-MP Alexandr Petkov Demanded Seizure of Moldovagaz Assets

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In a month the first court session on the Moldovagaz liquidation case will be held, whose debts exceed the value of its assets by more than ten times. This was reported in social networks by former deputy Alexandr Petkov. “Today the judge was requested, as an interim measure, to arrest all the assets of this monopolist. The demand does not concern bank accounts, so that none of these Dodon-Gazprom scoundrels would have “arguments” that “consumers are left without gas”,” - wrote Petkov, reports enews.md “Even the little that the Chamber of Accounts found out simply obliges the authorities to urgently block the assets of Moldovagaz. Representatives of Maia Sandu’s party have chosen a different tactic: to be indignant on TV and on Facebook,” said the former deputy who is a minority shareholder of MoldovaGaz. “Without exaggeration, the moment of truth has arrived. Now we will see whose side Maia Sandu’s power is on with her “reformed justice”. Good luck to us all!” - Alexandr Petkov concluded.