Natalia Gavrilita Announces Her Resignation

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita announced on Friday, February 10, that she was handing in her resignation. The statement was made during a press conference. Gavrilita stressed that her team had achieved a lot of objectives over the last period. She added that she managed to keep the calm situation in Transdniestria, to get through the refugee crisis as well as the gas crisis, managed to increase salaries and advance in the issue of European integration. “Roads have been commissioned, we have implemented many projects, including those related to energy. A lot of funds have been allocated to support business. The most important thing that has been achieved is that Moldova has become a candidate for the EU,” Gavrilita added. The prime minister thanked everyone for the work done and voiced hope that this work will continue. “It was an honor for me to be the prime minister of this country. I believe in the future of Moldova. I leave my post with peace of mind,” Gavrilita added. She urged citizens to be in solidarity: “This is how we will build a European country that we can be proud of, a country with democratic values, with a strong economy, a developed energy sector, a country where the rights and freedoms of every citizen will be respected.”