Shor: Government’s Resignation Is the Result of Protest Movement

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Not only should there be resignation, there should be jail time. And that is bound to happen. Jailing the current government for total violation of the Constitution, the law, the rights and freedoms of citizens, the leader of the Shor Party is convinced. “Dear friends, sadly, the government has failed to divert the attention of the people by such stupid anti-democratic and anti-human methods such as locking up opposition politicians, closing down TV channels, and all other actions that were done against the people of our country failed to divert the real deterioration of the life of ordinary people,” Ilan Shor noted, as reported by “Today Maia is merging her team in order to hold on to her seat a little longer. But this will not save her. Our task is to urgently ensure payment of utility bills to the population for the last three months and, immediately afterwards, an early election. Today it is a small victory, but it is not yet the final result. The result will come, and it will come very soon. Dear friends, we will fight for the people, we will fight so that the people live well and we will achieve it. We are the power. As long as we are united, we are invincible. Let’s do this!” – The politician posted on his Telegram channel.