Batrincea: We Will Demand Early Elections

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The bloc of Communists and Socialists will not vote to give power to the government headed by Dorin Recean. PCRM Executive Secretary and Vice President of Parliament Vlad Batrincea says that his faction will participate in the parliamentary session to approve a new cabinet, but only to remind citizens of the failures of the government led by Natalia Gavrilita. Vlad Batrincea said that the Socialists and Communists do not support Dorin Recean’s team and insist on early parliamentary elections, reported. Parliament is meeting today to express a vote of confidence in the government headed by Dorin Recean. Vlad Batrincea notifies that the PCRM-PSRM faction will not grant a vote of confidence in the new executive and prefers to change the political configuration by organizing early parliamentary elections. “We will analyze the 18 months of the state of emergency regime, consider all the problems that exist in the country, and we will certainly speak up. We will demand early parliamentary elections, not on the basis of the reasons stated by President Maia Sandu on Monday, but because the citizens will choose. We do not believe that this government will deliver results. We will vote against it, but we will be more active and we will call things by their names, regarding the decisions of the EC, the billions taken from public funds, the way the budget for maintaining the Government, the State Chancellery was increased”, Vlad Batrincea said in the air of Vocea Basarabiei TV show Puncte de Reflecție. Vlad Batrincea said that the PCRM-PCRM opposition did not participate in the presidential and parliamentary consultations because it does not want to participate in the processes of imitating democracy. The deputy parliamentary speaker said the PSRM team will appeal to the Constitutional Court against the way in which Dorin Recean was nominated as Prime Minister’s candidate. “We will appeal to the Constitutional Court and we have every chance of proving that once again the Constitution has been violated. There is Constitutional Court jurisprudence that sheds light on these procedures. You can’t imitate a consultation in two hours. Why the rush? We were told that the Gavrilita government was very good, it was praised. In a few hours, this government resigns without explanation,” the Deputy Speaker of Parliament added. The law stipulates that the cabinet is vested with the votes of at least 51 MPs. The ruling party, which has 63 mandates in parliament, has said it will give the Recean executive all the political support it needs.