Parliament Convenes: Recean to Present the Composition of the Cabinet

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Presidential appointee Prime Minister Dorin Recean will today present the program of activities and composition of the future government at a plenary session of Parliament. The Permanent Bureau met on Wednesday and approved the agenda of the plenary sessions, to be held from February 16 to March 2, reported. The plenary session will start at 10 a.m. and at about 2 p.m. the appointed Prime Minister will present the activity program and the composition of the future Cabinet of Ministers. The agenda for the next two weeks also includes a string of legislative initiatives due to be considered in the first reading, among which: a draft law on crowdfunding services, a legislative initiative on the amendment of some legislative acts on the partisan management and capital market, amendments to the law on energy efficiency as well as Moldova’s accession to the Council of Europe’s Extended Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes. Also, the MPs will consider in the second reading a legislative initiative on the promotion of the e-commerce, as well as the one on the amendment of the conditions of establishment and granting social assistance and aid for the cold season. Also, the cabinet will consider amendments to the law on the public office and the status of the public servant, the law on the entrepreneurial patent and the law on the information of consumers about the foodstuffs. Also, the MPs will consider a draft decision on the dismissal of the Central Electoral Commission’s member and will hear a report on the verification of the compliance of the capital spending and investments at the enterprises that have the obligation to serve the population, as well as at the enterprises affiliated with them. As previously reported, the media published the day before the full list of ministers in Dorin Recean’s government, and a little later the governing program for his future cabinet was made public.