Grosu: Part of the Moldova-CIS Agreements May Be Denounced

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Areas and agreements concerning Moldova’s relations and future within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are currently being assessed in the relevant ministries. Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said this during a program on TV8. According to the official, the decision will be taken depending on the current situation and the need to preserve certain agreements aimed at our citizens, reported. “Regarding the CIS, now there is an assessment in the ministries in charge of the areas of competence, whether it is humanitarian, whether it is agriculture, or whether it is economy, or whether it is trade. We will complete this assessment and decide which treaties we will support. And our neighbors, who were in CIS, signed some treaties, but they are still complying with others. Either Ukraine or Georgia,” said Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. And Prime Minister Dorin Recean said at a parliamentary session on Thursday that the government could denounce “some of the agreements” of the CIS, which are currently not working. “Our strategic goal is integration into the European Union. It’s not about the CIS, it’s about the interests of the citizen. It is obvious that certain agreements in the CIS do not work and have little effect. It is obvious that some things that are happening in the CIS do not work. I think that some agreements will be gradually denounced,” Dorin Recean explained. Earlier, President Maia Sandu said that Moldova’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is a long-term process, in the context of which Moldova’s relations with this organization are based on several hundreds of agreements, many of them bilateral and at the economic level.