Euronest: Moldova Has Good Chances to Start EU Accession Negotiations by End of 2023

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Moldova has good chances of starting accession negotiations with the EU by the end of this year. Therefore, our country is urged to meet the conditions set by the European Commission as soon as possible. Such statements were made at the opening of the tenth session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, which is taking place in Chisinau for the first time, reports. Dozens of MEPs are in Chisinau these days to back Moldova’s efforts on its road to the European Union. They say Eastern Partnership countries must step up their efforts to cope with the situation in the region caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, delivered a recording of the message in which she expressed her support for the Eastern Partnership countries: “I assure you that the European Parliament will continue to support the Eastern Partners in building a strong, sustainable and secure society. These goals can be achieved through dialogue, cooperation and unity. And I think there are many more opportunities; we have much to offer each other, for instance in the field of human rights and the rule of law. We also have in mind hybrid attacks that are penetrating into our society.” President Maia Sandu said Moldova faced unprecedented challenges last year: “Russia uses different tools to destabilize democratic institutions and elected leaders. It wants to return our countries to troubled and authoritarian times, when corrupt governments, puppets subordinate to Moscow, were in charge. In Moldova, the lines of attack are to organize protests.” Maia Sandu called on the EU to support Ukraine, as the country is now defending not only Moldova, but the whole of Europe: “The EU is a peace project, so European countries must unite and help Ukraine win this war and restore peace and stability to the continent by resetting the security architecture. By defending their land, they are also defending Moldova, defending the whole of Europe. Ukraine needs our support in this existential struggle.” Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said that the Eastern Partnership is a successful project for our country, which has opened the borders for our citizens, which gives an opportunity to reform the economy and open new trade routes. Authorities assure that they are ready to work hard to go beyond the current framework: “We know that we still have a lot of work to do, we are keen to move on to the next stage of European Union integration, and to start accession negotiations by the end of this year. In these difficult times, we must remain united in the face of those who try to divide us, those who spread disinformation to create political unrest and those who threaten and blackmail using weapons.” European partners said that Moldova has a real chance to start accession negotiations with the EU within a short period of time: “We insist that you start negotiations this year, and this can become a reality if you are ambitious, for example in the case of Lithuania the negotiations lasted three years, so I say that by the end of the decade Moldova, Ukraine and possibly Georgia should become EU members.” The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly was launched in Brussels on 3 May 2011. The founding act was signed by the presidents of the parliaments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the European Union. The mission of the parliamentary organization is to create the conditions necessary to accelerate political association and economic integration between the EU and Eastern European partners and to strengthen cooperation in the region.