Popescu: Moldova Starts Exiting Dozens of CIS Agreements

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Such a statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Nicu Popescu. According to his estimates, Chisinau is a party to nearly 330 CIS agreements. “Moldova starts the process of leaving several dozens of CIS agreements. We should consider this governmental intention as a step to exit agreements that do not suit us, that are no longer workable or applicable, or are not for the good of Moldova,” Popescu said on Jurnal TV. “Our country is determined to join the EU. In this regard, all foreign policy goals and participation in international organizations will be subordinated to European integration. For this reason, we will continue withdrawal from the CIS agreements that are incompatible with our goals,” said the MFAEI head. Many agreements signed during the CIS period have been analyzed as to their necessity. In the next days we start the withdrawal procedure from several dozens of agreements. This list will be expanded and made public. Along the Internal Ministry only, we plan to withdraw from about 20 agreements,” Popescu said.