Romania to Buy 1 Bcm of Gas from Azerbaijan: Part of It Will Go to Moldova

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Romania will sign a contract with Azerbaijan to buy 1 billion cubic meters of gas, part of which will be directed to the consumption needs of Moldova. The chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, Marcel Ciolacu, has discussed this issue with Azerbaijani head of state Ilham Aliyev, Agerpres writes. “Romania has an exceptional chance to become a gateway to the European Union for gas and energy from Azerbaijan. In this way we can become an important regional player in ensuring European energy security. Today I discussed three major energy projects with President Ilham Aliyev. The first concerns the contract for the purchase of 1 billion cubic meters of gas, which will be valid from April for one year. We have proposed to help Moldova through this contract as well, and President Aliyev supported our proposal,” Ciolacu wrote on Facebook. He added that the second project he discussed with the Azerbaijani president concerns the transportation of liquefied gas, namely the partnership between Romgaz and Socar regarding the construction of two terminals on the Black Sea (for liquefied natural gas and a regasification plant). “The third project aims to develop the underwater transmission cable infrastructure across the Black Sea, necessary for the transportation of green energy, through Romania, from the Caspian Sea to Europe,” Ciolacu wrote. Romanian Chamber of Deputies Speaker Marcel Ciolacu is on an official visit to Azerbaijan on Monday and Tuesday at the invitation of that country’s National Assembly Speaker Sahiba Gafarova.