Moldovagaz to File a Lawsuit if It Is Forced to Pay 3.3 Billion Lei

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Moldovagaz head Vadim Ceban claims that the company will file a lawsuit if a 3.3 billion lei recovery procedure is launched against the company for state investments in the construction of gasification network in the country. This statement came on March 9 on the air of the program on TV8. “I am responsible for protecting the company’s interests. I advocate that the debt be either increased or revalued, but it must be done correctly, this is what we are focused on. The way it is right now is not methodologically or legally correct. I think that the government, which will start this process, will heed the things that I or other experts say,” Vadim Ceban said. Recall that the parliament demands 3.3 billion lei from the gas supplier. This is the bill for the state’s investment in the construction of the country’s gasification network. On the other hand, Moldovagaz, controlled by Russian Gazprom, believes that the authorities exaggerate, and seeks a new debt estimate before the state. The government initiates negotiations with Moldovagaz in order to get the claimed money. The decision to recover the debt was adopted by the parliament after reviewing the report of the Chamber of Accounts on Moldovagaz’s activities for the period of 2017-2021.