Marian: EU’s Attention to Moldova Increased, We Must Take Advantage of This

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Radu Marian said that Moldova now enjoys greater attention from the European community, and the National Assembly on May 21 will give our citizens the opportunity to demonstrate that they want to be part of the European family. “There has been a significant increase in attention to Moldova since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and since the pro-reform, fair-minded, and pro-European politicians came to power. We have this attention, and we must take advantage of it. Obviously, the event of June 1, the historic summit in Moldova to be attended by many European leaders, will be an occasion to demonstrate that the choice of the citizens is evident,” Radu Marian said on the air of a program on JurnalTV. “The National Assembly is also important in the context of the activities of these criminal groups who have distorted everything that the concept of protest means. The time has come for Moldovan citizens to show what a democratic demonstration is actually about,” the deputy added. Recall that President Maia Sandu announced that a National Assembly “European Moldova” will be organized on 21 May in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau encouraging citizens to express their clear decision to become part of the European family. The head of state said that she would soon discuss the details of the event with pro-European political forces, civil society and academia.