Victor Parlicov: Moldova to Count on gas from Greek Alexandroupolis LNG

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This was stated by Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov at a Friday meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece Kostas A. Fragogiannis, who came to Chisinau to participate in a meeting of the Moldovan-Greek intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation. “We discussed cooperation between state-owned enterprises Energocom and DEPA, including gas purchases for Moldova, as well as its transportation and storage in Ukrainian underground storage facilities to ensure the EU energy security,” the minister wrote on social networks following the meeting. His post says that Moldova is interested in acquiring the experience of Greece in decarbonization, including the production of green hydrogen. “For us, the greatest potential is energy efficiency measures in buildings and the greening of transport, which account for about 50% and, accordingly, 35% of energy consumption. We are waiting for the launch of the Alexandroupolis LNG with a capacity to supply about 5.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to the Balkan markets, as well as to Moldova and Ukraine using reverse of the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline,” Victor Parlicov said. The head of the Greek delegation expressed support for the European aspirations of Moldova, as well as admiration for the courage and decisions of the authorities in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine. “Not only Europe deserves you, Republic of Moldova, but you also deserve Europe to be by your side. So you have our full support (on your way to the EU),” Kostas A. Fragogiannis assured.