Moldovagaz proposes new gas tariff for household consumers

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The natural gas tariff for household consumers in Moldova may decrease by 31.9%, down to MDL 18.45 per one cubic meter excluding VAT. If National Energy Regulatory Agency approves it at the proposed level, including 8% VAT, it will make up MDL 19.93 per one cubic meter. This is provided for by the request for lowering the natural gas supply tariff to end consumers at regulated prices in 2023, submitted by Moldovagaz JSC to the National Energy Regulatory Agency. According to the company’s statement, the draft calculation proposes the weighted average tariff for natural gas supply to be reduced to MDL 16,492 per thousand cubic meters, or by 36.8%. The main factor that made it necessary to revise the tariffs was a significant decrease in the purchase prices of natural gas, which, according to the decision of the National Emergency Board, is purchased by Moldovagaz JSC for consumers on the right bank of Dniester from Energocom JSC. According to the request, the tariff at the exit points of gas transmission networks should be MDL 13,978 per thousand cubic meters, or 43.9% less compared to the current rate. In addition, it is proposed to establish it at high pressure gas distribution outlets at MDL 14,454 per thousand cubic meters with a 42.6% decrease, in case of medium pressure networks - MDL 15,476 per thousand cubic meters, or 39.3% less, and in case of low pressure - MDL 18,456 per thousand cubic meters, with a 31.9% decrease. This decision is in strict compliance with the legislation, it will allow fully covering the cost of gas purchase and thus ensuring the fulfillment of contractual payment obligations to the supplier. The tariff for natural gas at regulated prices is approved by National Energy Regulatory Agency in an open meeting.