Moldova Seeks to Maintain Working Relations with Gazprom

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This was stated by the Minister of Energy of the republic Victor Parlicov. “Fundamental factors suggest that prices are likely to be low before the winter, and we buy gas in advance <...>. We see some risks associated with price hikes in winter, so we keep working relations (with Gazprom),” the Energy Minister said. At the same time, he noted that the country’s officials have the task to “prepare, including explanations to the citizens” for a situation when “prices from Gazprom under the contract formula will be lower, and we will have to think - whether we will buy from it or buy on the market”. Now, according to the minister, Chisinau does not see the point in buying gas from the Russian company. “Even if Gazprom’s prices are lower, it is quite possible that their volumes will not be enough,” he explained. According to Parlicov, both Moldova and Gazprom do not fully fulfill their obligations under the contract. For instance, Chisinau blames Gazprom for the decrease of supply volumes, but Moldovan authorities did not present the results of the promised audit of Moldovagaz historical debt within the contractual timeframe. Earlier Sergey Kupriyanov, Gazprom official representative, said that presently Moldovagaz debt makes $433 million, and taking into account overdue payments, the total debt makes $709 million. The Chamber of Accounts of Moldova claims that Moldovagaz debt to Gazprom makes $590.8 million after the audit. Moldovagaz company was founded in 1999. Gazprom is its largest shareholder, controlling 50% of the shares, another 35.3% belong to the Moldovan government and 13.44% to Transnistria. The unrecognized PMR transferred its shares to Gazprom for management.