Carp: We Are Two Romanian States, But One Nation

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Besides, the politician argues that Romanians live on both banks of the Prut, they speak the same language and belong to the same culture. “We are one people, we speak the same language, even if someone tries to imagine us differently. So now we are two Romanian states, but one nation. Everyone should realize this wishful idea. Those who do not determine their linguistic and cultural identity risk losing it one day. That is why we have always said publicly that we are one people, one nation,” Carp stressed. He listed the ways Romania helps Moldova, noting that Bucharest is Moldova’s main partner in Brussels. “Thanks to Romania, almost every kindergarten in Moldova is rehabilitated, we have projects in educational institutions, projects in the Chisinau municipality and many others. It is important that Romania is our main partner in the European integration process. Romania is our main “advocate”, the nation that takes us by the hand in “the European chancellery” and supports us in becoming a part of the free world. If it were not for Romania, we would not have had energy when Russia decided to place energetic pressure on us, we would have had a very hard time that winter. When there were attempts to leave us without electricity and gas, it was Romania that helped us get through these difficult times,” the PAS MP said.