Chisinau Sets Deadline for Gazprom to Split Supplies

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Russian giant Gazprom, which controls Moldovagaz, delays the implementation of the Energy Package III, providing the separation of supplies. The government has approved amendments to the law obliging Gazprom to implement Energy Package III by this autumn, reports, citing “De facto representatives of Moldovagaz do not agree with the assets transfer and the implementation of Package III. We cannot wait endlessly for Gazprom to make a decision; therefore, we propose to change the regulatory framework so that we can make a quick and smooth transition from September 10. In case Gazprom fails to submit certification documents in time, we can proceed with the implementation of the Energy Package,” said Energy Minister Viktor Parlikov. The minister said that if Gazprom refuses to transfer the assets, Moldovatransgaz will become an independent operator that will sign a lease contract. In addition, this independent operator, designated by ANRE, will act as operator of the system. Moldovagaz previously stated that it could not submit all the documents required to complete the allocation and certification of the gas transmission company Moldovatransgaz under the Independent Transmission Operator (ITO) model, in accord with earlier corporate decisions. “There is no consensus among shareholders,” the company said. The separation of Moldovatransgaz has been delayed. Previously, the Moldovagaz board stated that in the gas sector the Republic of Moldova had failed to comply even with the provisions of the Energy Package II. In autumn 2021, the Energy Community Secretariat warned the Gavrilita government about its non-compliance with the provisions regarding the allocation and certification of the gas transport operator Moldovatransgaz. Gazprom owns 50% of Moldovagaz, the Public Property Agency 35.33% of shares, the Transnistrian Property Management Committee 13.44% of shares and individuals and legal entities 1.23% of shares.