Pence Admits the Possibility of a Clash between US and Russian Forces

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Former US Vice President admits such scenario in case of Ukraine’s defeat against Russia Former US Vice President Mike Pence has admitted that the United States may find itself in a situation when it will have to send troops to confront Vladimir Putin’s forces if Ukraine loses the war with Russia.[ Pence noted this on the Hugh Hewitt Show radio show, where he said “what’s happening in Ukraine right now is not just war, it’s evil”. A potential presidential candidate from Republican Party, Pence made a surprise visit to Ukraine last week, where he met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and toured the sites affected by the Russian attacks. “I left Ukraine more convinced than ever that it is in our national interest to give the Ukrainian military the support it needs to fight and repel the Russian invasion,” Pence said. “I have no doubt that if Vladimir Putin occupies Ukraine, it won’t take long before the Russian military crosses the border and we have to send our men and women to fight against them,” he continued. “So if you are willing to fight the enemies of the United States on your soil, we will provide you with the means to do that so that our men and women don’t have to fight them,” Pence said. “And I will speak up for that in the current campaign across the country.”