Geoană: Best Sustainability Experts Sent to Chișinău

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NATO recognizes that Russia is not only waging a brutal and illegal war against Ukraine, but also exerting pressure by various means on other NATO partners - Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina. NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană said that in an interview with the Agerpres agency, reports. “I chaired the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers with three partner states representatives and, if you noticed, the final communiqué from Vilnius for the first time contains an important paragraph concerning Moldova. I appreciate it, and we will continue to support Moldova. This state has been our partner for 30 years, Moldova is a joint partner of NATO and the European Union.” We sent a team of top sustainability experts to Chișinău. They will provide the country’s’ authorities with views and recommendations in order to have a more holistic, more up-to-date and more robust vision of Moldova’s sustainability. “Obviously, we respect Moldova's constitutional neutrality, but we highly appreciate that the time when Moldova's accession negotiations with the EU will begin, as well as Ukraine’s and hopefully Georgia’s ones, is approaching. Obviously, this transformation comes not so much or exclusively from our side, it is backed in Chișinău, which in a kind of strategic awakening in a much more brutal reality realized that being somewhere between the zones of influence of Russia and the West is not comfortable, and neutrality does not mean being militarily weak. That is why we will continue to support Moldova. I repeat it with full respect for its constitutional neutrality,” Geoană said.