Usatîi: PAS Section Headed by Maina Sandu Loses to Andrei Spînu

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Before or after the local elections, Recean’s Cabinet will resign because of the current Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu. Renato Usatîi, chairman of the political formation “Our Party”, said that Andrei Spînu had allegedly blackmailed the Government leaders to secure a seat in the Cabinet, in case of refusal he would have split the PAS parliamentary faction, reports. As Renato Usatîi pointed out, the Action and Solidarity Party would be divided into two opposing camps, controlled by President Maia Sandu and the current Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spînu. The chairman of “Our Party” says that Spînu allegedly had an ambition to create his own political party, and this would happen by borrowing people from the PAS. “There is a section in the PAS that is more loyal to President Maia Sandu. There are also cunning ones loyal only to the leader Andrei Spînu. Once there were more than 30 people loyal to Spînu. He stated in the PLDM and participated in the party section creation. These people backed him because Spînu had solved their problems, helped them with money, employed their relatives. No matter how pompous Dorin Recean was, Spînu “broke” him. He made it clear that he and his childhood friend Adrian Efros should be appointed as minister. “If Spînu had demanded two more minister posts, they would have been put at his disposal. If they said ‘no’ to Spînu, there would be a split in the party,” Renato Usatîi said on the program “Cutia Neagră” on TV8. Renato Usatîi assumes that Andrei Spînu allegedly became a “persona non grata” for a number of foreign diplomats, but the Government tolerates his presence in the Cabinet to prevent the party disintegration. “The PAS section led by Maia Sandu ‘lost the battle’ against Spînu. Before or after the local elections, Recean’s Government will resign because of Spînu. What worries me is that citizens are suffering because of incompetent people who are or will come to power. We have the highest prices on the European continent. Today a number of ambassadors are shocked by what is happening. Why do you think this gentleman has not been invited to all the receptions of a number of development partners for a long time?”  the chairman of “Our Party” asked. On 17 July, Andrei Spînu became the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development by a decree of President Maia Sandu. Andrei Spînu was Deputy Prime Minister in Gavrilița’s Government, and after the resignation from Gavrilița’s Cabinet he served as Secretary General at the presidential institution.